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Avengers: Age Of Ultron

setpics - Jeremy Renner in costume




Tony/Loki Fanfic Rec List


1. Halo by Paxlux

The timeline starts in a fall of glass. There’s a staggering loss of gravity as Tony stares up at the suddenly blue sky. (long and developing feelings)

2. Off The Record by goddamnhella

It started with a message, a late-night visit, and a God of Mischief in Tony’s bed. A story of trust, trickery, unwilling aid and inevitable attraction. (WIP developing feels of awesome - personal fave)

3. Untitled Kink!Meme Fill

Asgardians are being captured and auctioned. Thor is pissed off and gets his Avenger buddies to help him put a stop to it. Somehow this results in Tony Stark buying Loki. (short and porny)

4. Untitled Kink Meme Fill

Tony and Loki dating. Creepy Protective Brother!Thor (Short, Cracky and Hilarious)

5. Let’s Play A Game, Shall We? by Starrstruck_64

Tony and Loki play a version of gay chicken. (cracky but hot porn)

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Some alien guy came to earth
converted you now I’m hurt
tesseract we couldn’t convert
and now you’re in our way

trade my sidekick for you back
with arrows all dressed in black
we’re not the ones to attack
but now you’re in our way

Black Widow’s on hulk duty
Coulson’s grabbing Tony
I’ve got Captain “Bone Me”
Where you think you’re going, Loki?

Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
You’ve been in a coma,
So join me, maybe?

It’s hard to look right,
At you baby,
Hammer of lightning?
Uhm, join me, maybe?

Hey, I just met him,
He’s kind of scary,
That green “other guy”
So join me, maybe?

And I know you’re used to
Like, killing Nazis
It’s not the forties
So join me, maybe?

It was real sad that he died
I tried to save him, I tried
Don’t tell nobody I cried
But this could be the way

I won’t let this be the end
Convince them to get revenge
Give them something to avenge
Yes this is the way

Black Widow’s on hulk duty
Coulson’s grabbing Tony
I’ve got Captain “bone me”
Where you think you’re going, Loki?

Hey, I just met you,
And damn your sexy
The god of mischief
you’re bat shit crazy

It’s hard to look right,
At those baby
Your abs are gorgeous
So join me, maybe?

Hey, welcome back man
oh this is crazy
and with your arrows
You’re looking sexy

And I know you’re into
that one girl peggy
but she’s like eighty
So join me, maybe?

Before you came and joined the team
We were boned, so bad
we had like no chance
We were so, so fucked

Before you came and joined the team
We were boned so bad
we had like no chance
We were so, so fucked

It’s hard to not look,
At you baby,
Girl power kicks ass,
So join me, maybe

I know I’ve met you,
and I must be crazy
But grab your damn suit
And join me, maybe

You know your little bro
Keeps trying to kill me
But you seem pretty okay
So join us, maybe

Before you came and joined the team
We sucked like, so hard
We had no like, no chance
Yeah, we were so, so fucked

Before you came and joined the team
We were tots def losing
And you should know that
So join us, maybe


In which Barton stars in a soft porno for more press




#Spoiler #The Avengers #See what gets me in this scene is that Thor is saying ‘he’s adopted’ #But what he means is ‘well he’s not really my brother’ #And although I don’t doubt he really loves Loki #It means that Loki is only his brother when it’s convenient #As soon as things get mildly difficult #’He’s adopted’ #Where are your memories Thor #Where is your insistance that Loki will always have a place in Asgard? #Idk if the writers did it on purpose or not #But the fact remains #This is not the behavior of someone whoe realized his errors #they took the character we had at the beginning of ‘Thor’ #slapped some love for the Midgardians on it #and left it at that #there is very little actual change in him #and it bothers me so. freaking. much #Jane changed his view of the universe #but not his view of himself #or his view of Loki #which is where most problems they have with Loki stem from#sigh #One day I will have to write something about you Thor #or someone needs to do it for me #because this needs to be fixed

Huh. Well, that can be a legit take on this scene. I actually thought Thor was trying more to explain what is upsetting Loki and thus resulting in this uncharacteristic behavior in half-words. Which is really not the way to go, but he is still an ass at these things, as he was in Thor. I think he is trying to keep this whole affair personal - a family matter - and probably only goes along with the Avengers when he realizes he can’t get Loki under his control on his own. He still looks down on humans, mind, he berates them, he doesn’t confide in them, he also, much like Loki, views them as subjects, but subjects to protect; he has merely learned a lesson in the sanctity of life in his exile, and that he must rule to provide a good, prosperous life for his subjects (not ruling out of pride and arrogance, as a warrior, as he would have)! I don’t think anyone of Earth even really knows what’s going on with the two of them. ‘He is my brother’ is ‘you have no right to touch him, because he is of higher status’.

But that’s just my two cents.

True, true, I hadn’t thought about that point, but it’s valid too.

It’s true that Thor still looks down on mortals at this point (‘You’re so petty… and tiny’) and as you said, he’s probably trying to keep it out of their hands.

Basically agreeing with everything you said here^^



 #just look at tony’s face #fucking look at his expression #steve’s kind of just. staring #and tony’s fucking heartbroken #you can see it in his eyes. his heart? it’s broken #all over the fucking place

#because he knows what bruce means #I think that if tony wasn’t so damn stubborn and had that ‘there’s always a way out’ thing carved so deep inside of him #he would’ve killed himself as well #what do you think that his reckless behaviour means? #he’s got a deathwish largest than the god damned stark tower #so he understands bruce and not only on that feeling #but also on being looked at as if you were a threat #unable to control yourself #a mindless beast#because let’s face it #no one there ever assumes that tony actually has the intelligence he possess #they’re constantly pointing out his flaws and looking past his good intentions #just like they do with bruce #everyone sees the hulk and no one fucking waits to think that the guy is fucking mortified of what he’s turned into

These tags are gold.

The second time I saw the Avengers people laughed at this. I blame it on this country being awkward as fuck, because they pretty much laughed at everything. Weird ass audience.


We were raised together, we played together, we fought together … Do you remember none of that?


She isn’t trying very hard


Captain Narcolepsy on a quest for some ‘snooze time’