Chris Hemsworth: Nah…well, uh…that’s a tough question.
Tom Hiddleston: I wish we were.

Q: Chris, people really love Loki. What do you think it is about him that people love, more over Thor?
CH: Can I tell you what I love about Loki too?

about a Thor vs. Superman fight. x
Tom: I’d love to see it I think. Imagine Loki sitting there and going…


Tom and Chris talking about their road trip (x)

According to this article, Tom and the Hemsworth brothers went to Anaheim, California together in 2011.


Chris talking about Tom’s dancing. x

I love you Chris.

thinking about Tom collapsing in giggles as Chris cuts off his impression of him-as-Loki was literally all that got me through today ^_^’




What do you think it is about Loki that people seem to love over Thor?